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U-Report Mengajak Siswa SMAN 10 Pekanbaru untuk Bijak dalam Menggunakan Internet
In the framework of the World Safer Internet Day, U-Report Project Volunteer, Shafa Siregar (20 years) invites high school students in Riau to be wise in using the internet. The event which was attended by more than 500 high school students also aims to use the voices of young people and participate as agents of change to create positive change in their immediate environment. At present, the internet and social media platforms are that young people often use to interact and communicate. However, the presence of the internet also raises concerns among young people.

Based on 3,580 U-Reporters who took part in the poll in the framework of World Safer Internet Day, 25% of them thought that cyberbullying was the most worrying thing when using the internet, followed by 23% of them worried about theft of personal data. Furthermore, 1 in 3 young people has experienced cyberbullying. Cyberbullying perpetrators feel safe to harass their victims because, through the internet, they don't need to show their identities, in contrast to those who abuse directly (face to face). However, the impact of cyberbullying is quite serious. As many as 26% of 4,216 U-Reporters feel their cyberbullying influence their self-confidence, their emotionally and physically impacts, their social relationships, and make them feel less able to achieve achievement.

The program conducted by U-Report also reminded that young people play the role of the forefront responsible for protecting themselves when using the internet. To avoid cyberbullying, U-Report also explains that young people think twice before posting or sharing something online - because that post can stay on the internet forever and can be used to endanger yourself later. In addition, personal details such as your address, telephone number or school name do not need to be included on your social media.

"As young people, we must always be wise in posting and sharing information on the internet. As much as possible we do not share personal information and avoid accounts that spread negative content," said Shafa Siregar, one of Riau's U-Reporters.
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